Monday, February 3, 2014

Something is very heavy today, i feel old, The aftermath of CNY has struck me, caught me off guard, technically it is still a new year, but when the people are gone, at that moment i suddenly realized everything must go. Not only did the idea of everyone must go eventually that sadden me, but the idea that my journey has not started yet that scared me so much that i actually trying to find a song that match my feeling, and this i found:

I have to stop before i fall into this song, i've been there and stuck in there, there is nothing much left for me to explore, even if there is i wont want to stay there any longer, i need a little drug, then i found this

i then realized every wonderful thing must not last too long, including this song, including the person i love, including myself, my very own life, and i have a fear someday i will be absorbed into that nothingness as well, then i realized i needed a stronger drug, a little bit cheesy, but ultimate soulful.

it helps me to forget, and i want to recreate a moment, a moment that transport everyone back to the time when things were just as cheesy, when hairstyle makes you scream and cried and let you feel like you have been living your youth, one more time. Or just everybody can start crying, for no reason at all.

Everything must go, including myself.